The first about 30 high school students from Zvolen were vaccinated on Friday (September 17) in the premises of the local Ľudovít Štúr Grammar School.

This is an initiative of the Banská Bystrica self-governing region (BBSK), the first of its kind in Slovakia, which aims to increase the vaccination coverage of high school students and significantly reduce the morbidity of students, and thus their distance education.

“So far, we have about 400 students enrolled in 59 secondary schools in the region who want to be vaccinated. We will carry out vaccinations gradually, according to the interest of individual schools, not only within the founding competence of BBSK, “said BBSK vice-president Ondrej Lunter.

According to Minister Branislav Gröhling (SaS), the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic welcomes this BBSK initiative. “If it proves successful, we will transfer it to other regions as well,” he said at a briefing during a visit to the Zvolen grammar school.

He also recalled the current vaccination of young people aged 12 to 17, which is at the level of 23 percent. In BBSK alone, it is 30 percent, in Bratislava it is already 50 percent. According to him, 700 pupils are in quarantine in Slovakia today, and distance education takes place with approximately 27,000 pupils.

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