Hannah (20) shared on the Internet the health problems caused by her friend’s beard. She warns women to be extra careful, but especially men, not to underestimate facial hygiene.

As reported by The Sun, Hannah appears on TikTok under the account @h.paigeee. In the video, she shared with users about her skin problems on her face. She showed viewers a close-up of her irritated skin. It was an infection that looked like a big red spot. At first, the girl claimed to those around her that she had caused the injury herself when she accidentally bumped into the wall. It was only on the Internet that she decided to come out with the truth to warn others.

Hannah revealed that she has very sensitive skin. When it came into contact with her boyfriend’s chin, it became red, swollen, and soon became infected. After the stubble breaks the skin barrier, bacteria from the stubble enters the wound. Due to contact with a loved one, she had to seek help. The TikToker, as she stated, used antibiotics and applied antibacterial cream to the inflamed area. Fortunately, the treatment worked.

In the video, she urged men to wash their faces and avoid the inconvenience they can cause to their partners. A debate immediately erupted in the comments section. Several women admitted that they had the same experience and since then have been paying attention to their partner’s hygiene.

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