As expected, on Thursday (November 24), Russian parliamentarians approved the tightening of the ban on the so-called promotion of homosexuality. According to the TASS agency, the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, adopted in the third reading the amendment, which prohibits the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations” and pedophilia, as well as the dissemination of information about sexual minorities (LGBT) in the media, on the Internet, in advertising, in books and in the movie.

It also prohibits the dissemination of information that could arouse interest in changing gender among minors. The screening of films containing “materials promoting non-traditional sexual relationships and preferences” should be prohibited“, wrote TASS. Violation of the bans, according to the Interfax agency, is subject to heavy fines.

Russian senators still have to agree to the wording of the law, and the signature of the head of state is also required. However, this is usually just a formality. In Russia, the law already prohibited the promotion of homosexuality among minors. Another law prohibits marriage between same-sex couples and the adoption of children by same-sex couples.

The regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which launched a war against Ukraine 274 days agopositions itself as a defender of traditional morality and family values ​​against what pro-Kremlin propagandists and government politicians describe as decadence, subversion and Satanism coming from the West.

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