At first there were few vaccines, now there are many.

The amount of vaccines that Slovakia has available exceeds the demand of people for vaccinations, so some of the vaccines have expired. The Ministry of Health has to dispose of almost 200,000 vaccines, which has cost us millions of euros, and this amount may not be final. Why didn’t we donate medicines to other countries instead?!

Around 3.5 million doses are currently available in Slovakia. At Pfizer, they succeeded in delaying the expiration date, but at Moderna, they did not have time to donate or use the first vaccines. “We currently have 200,000 vaccines against the COVID-19 disease in Slovakia, which have expired and are currently in the process of being liquidated,” spokeswoman Petra Lániková confirmed to Nové Čas. The state thus incurred damage in the amount of about 5 million euros.

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However, this number may not be final and it is very likely that we will lose millions more if we do not manage to reduce the volume of shipments. The volume of vaccines that come to us remains unchanged. “The Ministry of Health has managed to negotiate the distribution of the delivery of benefits over a longer period, with changes in volumes still subject to negotiations,” the ministry’s press department responded to Nový Čas.

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