State and public hospitals can share the sum of 720 million euros from the money from the recovery plan. Hospitals that are operated by a private provider, while the infrastructure is in most cases still the property of higher territorial units, only an estimated maximum of 150 million euros.

This was pointed out by the Ministry of Health in response to “constant invectives and attacks” in connection with the restoration of hospitals.

At the beginning of November, the department announced a call for hospital projects over five million euros, for which a total of 212 million euros is allocated. He rejects claims that he will financially support only private companies Svet zdravia or Agel. He reminds that it is the so-called a demand call that reflects the demand of applicants and the ministry has no possibility to influence who decides to apply.

“Based on constant invectives and attacks on the department, the ministry analyzed in detail the demands of private hospitals, which, if all criteria are met, can draw from this call, approximately 150 million euros, which represents approximately 17 percent of the funds of component 11,” brought closer by the ministry.

According to the department, the investment intentions of private hospitals are aimed at the construction or reconstruction of a large number of beds for the regions, which will help with the renewal of hospitals. According to the Ministry, the private operators also publicly declared that they will transfer all the assets obtained from the recovery plan to the founder, that is, in their case, to the VÚC. “Therefore, they will not have any property, everything will end up in public ownership,” clarified the Ministry of Health.

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