On Tuesday, the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic supported the training of Ukrainian soldiers in the Czech Republic.

It should be held in five four-week rounds by the end of next year. News server Novinky.cz informed about it. “The priority is to help with the training of Ukrainian soldiers, in the interest of a successful fight against the Russian aggressor,” said the Czech Minister of Defense Jana Černochová in the plenary session.

Up to 800 soldiers could participate in each training tour. The exercise is based on a bilateral agreement between the Czech and Ukrainian governments, but it is expected to take place under the assistance mission of the EU. According to the proposal, the Czech Republic will allocate 55 people to the EU assistance mission. They will be able to work in any member state in command structures, or in the positions of instructors.

According to Černoch, the Czech army will also gain experience in training Ukrainian soldiers. “We will get information directly from Ukrainian representatives. We will know better how the Russians fight and what their weaknesses and strengths are. I think most of us will appreciate that.” added the Czech minister.

According to the News, the proposal also included sending Czech soldiers to train Ukrainians in other member states of the European Union and a mandate for two other foreign missions in Kosovo and Iraq. As stated by the server denik.cz, the government’s proposal still needs to be assessed by senators, and they should approve it on Thursday.

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