In the Velická dolina above Sliezsky dom in the High Tatras, on Friday (August 5), a Polish tourist reported the absence of her partner in the afternoon.

As he informs Mountain rescue service on her website, the tourist was not able to indicate the exact location, course of the event, or the state in which the other person is.

After a short communication with the HZS operator, the tourist confirmed the sent localization link. After clarifying the location of the event, the team significantly helped and thus advanced the course of the rescue operation.

Air and mountain rescuers headed to the place of the fall, Kvetnica veža. Unfortunately, they were unable to help the man. According to the findings, the pair descended without belay through exposed terrain. In this, the 46-year-old man slipped and fell approximately 50 meters down a vertical wall.

Rescuers transported the man’s body to the morgue in Stary Smokovec. There, they handed him over to the summoned members of the PZ and the funeral service. For the time being, the woman was also taken to Starý Smokovec.

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