The ski resort in Levočská dolina will not be in operation this winter, so skiers will not ski on the slopes there. PR manager of the center Lenka Schreiner Maťašovská informed about it, saying that the reason is the energy crisis.

“We live in great uncertainty, the state still hasn’t clearly defined how they will work and under what conditions compensation for high energy prices will take place. However, we can’t wait any longer, although we were expecting answers to our questions until the last moment, it didn’t happen. We are very sorry, but we had to make the saddest decision not to open the ski resort for this season,” explained Schreiner Maťašovská. The center has four slopes and four lifts designed for beginners and more demanding clientele.

Accommodation in cabins, wellness and bowling will be available to visitors during the winter by order. According to Schreiner Maťašovská, the resort near historic Levoča will use the winter period to prepare for the summer season and will start working on several new products.

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