A heating expert came up with a simple way to reduce energy costs by 725 euros per year. All you need for this is a regular hair dryer.

As energy prices continue to rise exponentially, many people are trying to save wherever they can. Some households cannot cope with increased living expenses. Experts come up with tested tricks that are surprisingly simple. One expert claims that his trivial hair dryer trick can save 725 euros a year. Matthew Jenkins of MyJobQuote explained that radiators have fans inside that are designed to keep warm air flowing.

The Mirror portal writes that if these fans are dusty, there are problems with heat transfer, which represents a reduction in performance and a risk of jamming. A study by Enertek International states that a dirty radiator can cause a 25% increase in expenses. Matthew Jenkins’ trick consists of two steps and requires no special skills. The first step is to turn off the radiators and place a towel under them to catch the fallen dust. After turning on the hair dryer to maximum, point its tip at the wall behind the radiator and brush off the dirt on a towel.

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