The European Union will send another 1,800 tons of emergency aid to Ukraine in November. This was announced on Thursday by the European Commission (EC), which coordinates the provision of aid to Kyiv, informs TASR reporter.

The latest material support to help Ukrainians cope with the winter comes from Belgium, Finland, Germany, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Sweden and includes, among other things power supplies, emergency shelters, first aid kits, protective clothing, firefighting equipment and fire trucks and buses.

All the mentioned EU member states have sent aid to Ukraine through the civil protection mechanism.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the EU has provided Ukraine with approx 74,000 tons of material aid worth more than 450 million euros. In addition, it also provided financial aid to Ukraine in the amount of 523 million euros.

The EU is currently working to help Ukraine secure electricity supplies at a time when Russia is launching devastating attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Through the EU mechanism in the field of civil protection, Ukraine will receive, for example, electricity generators and other important energy equipment.

In recent days, EU humanitarian partners have started sending vital supplies such as food, drinking water, hygiene kits, shelter materials and critical household items to vulnerable populations in the liberated southern Ukrainian city of Kherson.

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