The European Commission (EC) approved the Operational Program Slovakia. Slovakia will be able to start using almost 13 billion euros from new European funds.

Investments will be aimed at improving the lives of people in the regions, energy security, digitization and green solutions. The Slovakia program was presented on Thursday by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Investments Veronika Remišová (For the People) in Prešov, at a conference entitled Tvoríme mijero Slovakia. EC commissioners Elisa Ferreira and Nicolas Schmit, members of the Slovak government, representatives of local governments and other guests were also present.

“I am very pleased with the success we have achieved with the new Slovakia Program and the reform of the European funds. In the European Union, we are among the first six countries that have the entire programming for the new European Fund period completely approved. In just a few weeks, we will be able to announce the first calls from the new European funds,” said Remišová.

According to the Minister of Investments, the new European funds represent a great chance for Slovakia to move forward. “Today we are opening a completely new investment chapter in Slovakia. Higher salaries and a better standard of living will only bring us better-paid jobs. Jobs with high added value will only be in dynamic, innovative industries. This topic has been repeated here for years, and its solution cannot be postponed any longer. . If we cannot now fundamentally improve our education system, support research, introduce innovations, improve the overall environment for our companies, we will fall behind. The new European funds are therefore a huge, but at the same time, perhaps the last chance for Slovakia to get off the ground,” she emphasized.

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