The French government is preparing measures for the lack of electricity in the event of a cold winter. TASR informs about it based on the report of the DPA agency.

“It may happen that electricity production and demand during some very cold days will not be fully coordinated,” government spokesman Olivier Véran said on Tuesday. Therefore, the crisis staff, in cooperation with the regions, prepared a multi-stage scenario of limiting supplies in the event of a shortage. Critical infrastructure, such as clinics or the emergency telephone system, will receive electricity as a priority and will be supplied in any case.

Even the capital city of Paris is not exempt from potential restrictions. The government appeals for the help of residents to avoid electricity shortages in times of increased consumption. Citizens will be able to monitor the current utilization of the electricity network through the ÉcoWatt applicationwhich will be able to send warnings to their mobile phones in the event of imminent congestion.

As the government spokesman explained, in the event of an imminent shortage the government requires simple gestures from citizens, such as turning on the washing machine or the horn later. Households have already reduced their consumption by approximately 5% after deducting the effect of the current warm weather. Some suppliers also reward their customers financially when they limit their consumption.

According to the operator of the electricity network RTE, France may face a shortage of electricity from January. The reason is the extension of maintenance and repairs of several nuclear power plants, while currently almost half of them are not connected to the grid.

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