His further fate was being decided! Only 15-year-old Alex attacked the secondary vocational school in Nováky with an ax on Thursday. Miraculously, the incident did not take lives, but two classmates ended up in the hospital.

The teenager was shortly accused of the particularly serious crime of premeditated murder committed in the trial stage, and the prosecutor’s office filed a motion to take him into custody. The judge finally sent him to it. According to the special prosecutor, there is a risk that the boy would try to complete the act for which he is being prosecuted. At the same time, Daniel Lipšic raises a warning finger for all parents.

After Thursday’s attack with an ax at the school in Nováky, events took a rapid turn. Teenager Alex (15) was detained, on Friday NAKA completed a house search with him in the village of Lazany (Prievidza district), where he lives with his family, and after the accusation, he appeared before the judge of the Specialized Criminal Court in Pezinok on Saturday.

After a few hours, she accepted the proposal of special prosecutor Daniel Lipšic and took the boy into custody. The reason for this is the risk that he would continue criminal activity or attempt to commit an act for which he is being prosecuted.

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