On Tuesday (November 29) at 1:00 p.m., President Zuzana Čaputová will deliver a report on the state of the republic at the plenary session of the National Council (NR) of the Slovak Republic. TASR was informed about this by the director of the communication department of the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic, Jozef Matej.

So far, Čaputová has appeared twice in front of members of parliament with a report on the state of the republic. She spoke in parliament for the first time in June 2020, a few days before the first anniversary of her inauguration. In 2021, she delivered a report in the NR SR at the end of September.

Last year, the president particularly emphasized the desperate need for stability, clear and unified leadership. She spoke about the state of society in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. She drew attention to concerns about the departure of other health workers and the situation in social service homes. The head of state criticized the unmanaged crisis management and the level of political debate. At that time, she praised the government’s steps leading to the rehabilitation of the economic consequences of the pandemic.

In addition, she emphasized the need to address the issue of poverty and regional differences. She also pointed to the need to cope with the rise in prices, which was associated with the post-pandemic revival of the world economy. She also drew attention to the fact that the rise in food and energy prices will also affect low-income families, and spoke about the need for compensation.

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