The Chairman of the Trade Union of Education, Pavel Ondek, drew attention to the shortcomings and possible risks of the draft state budget for the field of education.

He did so at Thursday’s meeting of the union council. Among the shortcomings and risks of the budget, he mentioned, for example, the compensation of increased energy prices or the commitment of funds intended for rewards at the beginning of next year. At the same time, Ondek, in his own words, informed the council members about the activities of the union’s leadership, especially about negotiations with representatives of the state administration and municipalities.

In addition, the board approved the union’s program and goals for 2023. For example, that they will continue to promote the transfer of the financing of the personal expenses of all education employees under the delegated authority of the state administration and also that they will promote the change of the working conditions of university teachers from a definite period to an indefinite period.

Chairman of the Slovak National Party (SNS) Andrej Danko.

According to Ondek, representatives of the Ministry of Education also participated in Thursday’s meeting, who presented information on the financing of personal and operating costs within regional and higher education. They also answered questions regarding the financing of support teamsproblems with the payment of agreed rewards within the original school competences or adjustments to coefficients and norms.

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