Louis Pasteur University Hospital (UNLP) in Košice declares that in the fall it will definitely apply for funding for modernization and necessary reconstruction from the notified package of 300 million euros through the renewal plan.

“This reconstruction is necessary to increase the quality of the provided health care and also to improve the working environment of our employees,” said UNLP director Ľuboslav Beňa.

According to him, the hospital fully respects the Friday (July 1) decision of the Government of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Health (MoH) of the Slovak Republic to draw funds from the recovery and resilience plan. This currently determined that the construction of hospitals in Bratislava’s Rázsochy and Martina will be financed.

The government will announce further calls for drawing resources from the recovery plan for the construction and reconstruction of hospitals in September. Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽANO) stated that the autumn challenge will continue towards the east of Slovakia.

“Our university hospital, as the second largest hospital in Slovakia and the only hospital of a similar nature in the east of Slovakia, will have new obligations from the optimization of the hospital network and will increase the number of patients,” stated Beňa. The hospital will intensively negotiate with the Ministry about more detailed plans for financing the modernization of UNLP.

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