The red gloves of the former American boxer Evander Holyfield from the famous duel against fellow countryman Mike Tyson in June 1997, in which the bronze medalist from the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics lost a piece of his ear, were auctioned for $ 38,704, which translates to more than 40 thousand euro

In the mentioned meeting, Holyfield lost a piece of his ear, which was bitten by Tyson in the heat of the fight. The website informs about it.

“A remarkable piece of sports history,” Lelands Auctions described the aforementioned artifact. “A possession from the life and career of Evander Holyfield, these gloves, were previously sold at auction where Holyfield sent his personal belongings,” she added.

The rematch between Holyfield and Tyson for the WBA heavyweight belt took place in Las Vegas just seven months after Holyfield defeated Tyson by TKO in the 11th round. The rematch lasted only three rounds, as Tyson first bit his opponent in one ear and then the other.

Tyson lost his license for a while and was fined $3 million (3.1 million euros). The two rivals reconciled after years of disputes, and there were even rumors that they would “play it out” between the ropes again in 2021. However, the fight never took place when Tyson and his team reportedly rejected a $25 million (€26 million) offer.

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