In just a few weeks, homes will smell of Christmas goodies. Christmas can mean insurmountable stress for some, but it can be avoided. If you are afraid of what you have to do and when, it is good to have an accurate list.

Use the clear New Time calendar so you don’t forget anything. Print it, hang it in a visible place and step by step prepare for this year’s Christmas. With peace and a smile on your face, you can cook, shop, order gifts or make holiday decorations. The countdown to Christmas starts today!

  • 24. 11. – take advantage of Black Friday promotions and buy gifts at bargain prices
  • 25. 11. – buy enough wrapping paper and ribbons
  • 26. 11. – buy an advent calendar and an advent wreath
  • 27. 11. – 1st Advent Sunday, light the 1st candle on the Advent wreath
  • 28. 11. – join the Nové Čas competition and start collecting coupons
  • 29. 11. – plan the Christmas Eve menu and what cakes you will bake
  • 30. 11. – sit down with a pen and paper and write down the wishes of all your loved ones

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