The President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová, participated in the preparation of packages at the social dispensary in Bratislava’s Petržalka. In addition, the head of state also donated food and hygiene items, he informs about it on the social network.

The social dispensary of the Petržalka district has been helping families and seniors with free food in cooperation with the Food Bank of Slovakia to alleviate the consequences of the collapse for more than ten years. The President thanked the clients who shared their difficult life situations and who, together with the dispensary workers, described to her the insufficient functioning of the state social system, including anti-inflation aid in practice.

“There is no doubt that at a time of enormous price increases, it is necessary to set up assistance based on professional data and practical experience,” said Čaputová. So that, according to her words, it is targeted, sufficient and repeated for the benefit of people and families who really need it now.

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