Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko called on Ukraine on Thursday to stop fighting, otherwise “destruction” awaits it. It was reported by the portal of the British station Sky News.

Lukashenko appealed to Ukraine to stop defending itself against Russia, adding that “everything is now in the hands of Ukraine”. He expressed himself in such an extremely questionable manner in front of journalists. According to him, everything depends on Ukraine “if it does not want a huge number of people to die”. “It’s difficult, it’s complicated, but if they want, they can stop it… Otherwise, the destruction of Ukraine will follow,” Lukashenko warned. However, he added that he does not want to blame Ukraine or President Volodymyr Zelenskyi for the war.

Belarus is a close ally of Russia, and Russian soldiers attacked Ukraine from Belarusian territory at the beginning of the war, Sky News reminds. Although Minsk has not become directly involved in the conflict and has not sent its own troops, experts speculate that it may yet do so. Last month, Russia again sent thousands of troops to Belarus – and later Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Lukashenko for talks.

On Thursday, the Ukrainian armed forces called on Belarusian citizens in a video to prevent their country from entering the war. According to the video, Russia is trying to draw Belarus into its invasion of Ukraine “by all possible means”.

In a statement, the Ukrainian Armed Forces urge Belarusians to monitor suspicious activity near vital infrastructure and report such activities to authorities. “Ukraine does not consider your country, especially your people, as an enemy. We are not going to undertake any offensive actions on the territory of Belarus. This is the official position of Ukraine. Today, a lot depends on each person; we hope for your vigilance and understanding of the situation,” the Ukrainian army said in a video call.

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