The request of Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽANO) for help in securing health care in Slovakia from the V4 countries is perceived by medical trade unions as shameful behavior. TASR was informed about this by the chairman of the Medical Trade Union Association (LOZ), Peter Visolajský.

“Heger’s request for help from countries that, unlike the Slovak government, realized the seriousness of the situation in their health systems in time and thanks solved their problems and stabilized their health services, it is embarrassing for Slovakia,” said Visolajský. He points out that despite their requests and pleas, the prime minister did not address the worsening situation in hospitals for over a year and a half.

LOZ also published a letter from Czech medical trade unionists who responded to Heger’s request. According to their union leader For Martin Engel, the possible help given the personnel crisis in the Czech healthcare sector is only illusory. He also declared that Czech doctors will not fail their Slovak colleagues.

On Thursday (November 24), Prime Minister Heger asked the prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary for help in the health sector. According to him, the prime ministers of the neighboring countries have declared their willingness to help in the event that Slovakia needs doctors for hospitals from next month. They did not discuss specific numbers, according to Heger, the prime ministers should check the possibilities. In the case of hospitalizations in hospitals on the border, they can also provide their capacities.

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