For the second day, the Russians have blocked the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian city of Enerhodar, which is occupied by them. The Ukrainian mayor of this city, Dmytro Orlov, stated this on the Telegram platform on Sunday, The Guardian reports.

In his post, Orlov said that trucks with humanitarian aid could not enter Enerhodar for the second day, while the Russians, in his words, “are doing everything to isolate this city from the entire civilized world.”

He explained that the shipment of humanitarian aid brought in trucks contains diapers, hygiene supplies and food for families belonging to vulnerable groups of the population. He also published a photo of pallets that were loaded with diapers, energy bars or boxes marked with UNICEF.

According to the mayor, the shipment also contains more than 1,000 square meters of fabric, which is supposed to serve as a protective layer for shot windows.

According to Orlov the Russian soldiers did not allow the trucks to pass through the checkpoint with the argument that “Enerhodar does not need anything, the residents there have everything and even more” than they need.

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