The lack of water in Domaš is beginning to threaten people’s existence.

As the water level drops, the number of visitors to the popular water reservoir drops rapidly. This is reflected in reduced sales or layoffs or hiring fewer part-time workers. The situation is critical. Last year and the year before were experiencing a boom, now everything is the opposite. Vacationers don’t go. Locals attribute this mainly to the low water level.

“Entrepreneurs were downsizing and some were left without employees,” said Kvakovce mayor Radovan Kapraľ. The municipality operates the ship Bohemia. “Its operation is not affected by the water level, but people are worried and are asking if it is running. Compared to last year, we transported 25% fewer people. The number of visitors decreased by 30% according to the selected parking fee. Last year in July we had 10,000 cars and now 7,000,” he complained.

There are no guests

The owner of the Hotel Garden na Dobra, René Pavlík, also feels the loss of customers: “Fortunately, the promotions make up for it, but we still had to terminate the contracts with ten part-time workers. Sales are down by half. Martina Paľušová, who has 2 establishments, is also in a poor situation. “For example, only two people work at the pizzeria Adam on Eve, one of them is a cook. If we didn’t cook, I wouldn’t hire him either, because there is nothing to pay people. At the same time, for the past years, I also had six part-timers. Sales fell by 30% compared to last year. If it continues, we can wrap it up,” she declared.

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