A terrifying attack took place at the secondary school in Nováky. The student took out an ax and attacked the student with it. One boy was also injured. The police broke the silence and revealed the details of the chilling case.

“According to the information and evidence we obtained at the crime scene, it is a suspicion of premeditated murder in the stage of an attempt on several persons. That is why the case is being taken over by an investigator of the National Criminal Agency. We immediately informed the special prosecutor about the case. We will provide more detailed information as soon as the procedural situation allows,” informed the spokesperson of the Presidium of the Police, Karolína Barinková.

The student who decided to attack ran away shortly after the heinous act. However, the policemen who were summoned soon found the young man in a nearby field. After the incident, the students ended up in the hands of the post-traumatic intervention team, and paramedics also intervened on the spot.

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