The United States is considering providing Ukraine with Patriot air defense systems to better protect itself against Russian attacks.

This was stated on Tuesday by a leading representative of the Pentagon, according to CNN, reports TASR. An unnamed official of the US Department of Defense, in response to a question about whether Washington is considering the delivery of Patriots to Ukraine, he said that for now there are various options “in play”.

“Patriot is one of the air defenses being considered,” a Pentagon official told reporters. He called the strengthening of Ukraine’s air defense a “main priority” of the United States. “We’re looking at what the US can do in this regard, what our allies and partners can do, and we’re also looking at possible combinations of means that could be useful,” CNN quoted a Pentagon official as saying.

The MIM-104 Patriot is a tactical mobile missile system that it can eliminate ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft. It is among the best systems of its kind. One Patriot battery costs about a billion dollars.

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