President Joe Biden’s administration will send another $725 million military aid package to Ukraine, the White House said Friday. TASR informs based on the report of the AP agency.

The US announcement comes after NATO meetingsat which defense ministers from Europe and around the world promised Ukraine weapons and air defense systems as Russia intensified its bombing of Kyiv and other regions.

According to US government officials, the package does not contain any new major weapons. This time, the US aid is mainly aimed at replenishing ammunition stocks for the weapon systems that Ukraine is successfully using in its counter-offensive against Russia.

The latest aid package includes rounds for HIMARS salvo rocket launchers, a weapon that has decisively improved Ukraine’s ability to hit ammunition depots, bridges, and other key targets and weaken Russia’s ability to supply its troops. The United States has already sent 20 HIMARS missile launchers to Ukraine and has promised to deliver 18 more in the coming years.

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