The United States will provide Ukraine with air defense systems and surface-to-air missiles as part of a new $400 million (€391 million) security aid package. The Pentagon announced this on Thursday, AFP reports.

Continued brutal airstrikes by Russian forces against Ukrainian civilian and critical infrastructure require the delivery of additional air defense systemsSabrina Singh from the press department of the US Department of Defense told reporters.

The announced aid package includes four Avenger air defense systems along with the corresponding Stinger missiles. The package also includes missiles for the HAWK air defense systems, which Spain has promised to provide, artillery and mortar rounds, ammunition for the HIMARS salvo rocket launchers and more than 20 million small arms rounds.

The United States has allocated more than 18.6 billion dollars (18.2 billion euros) for weapons and other equipment for Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

Singh also announced that the Defense Contact Group for Ukraine, which coordinates global arms deliveries to forces there defending against invading Russian troops, will hold its seventh virtual meeting next week.

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