Christmas classics are repeated on television year after year and always attract viewers to the screens.

Time spent in front of the TV screen is an inherent part of Christmas. We bring you tips on 5 film classics that you’ve definitely seen before, but are still worth watching again.

1. Freezer

The legendary fairy tale about Nastenka and Ivan is already 58 years old, and none of us can resist it during Christmas. For example, in the Czech Republic Mrázik is the most frequently broadcast fairy tale in history.

2. I enjoy the world with you

The family comedy directed by Maria Poledňáková about three men who go on a winter vacation with their children is an immortal classic. Slovakian Július Satinský and Zdena Studenková also shone in it. During the filming, Satinský translated Hungarian fairy tales at night. When the director asked him why he was doing this, he explained that he had to earn money to make the film.

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3. How to pull out a chair from a whale

Another family comedy by Maria Poledňáková. This time about little Vašek, who is looking for a husband for his mother and a father for himself. The child actor Tomáš Holý shone in the film, but so did the main actors Jana Preissová and František Němec. The film is an excellent comedy, but at the same time it depicts the difficult life of a single mother in socialist Czechoslovakia.

4. Three nuts for Cinderella

This fairy tale by Václav Vorlíček will celebrate 50 years next year. And for 5 decades, Christmas without Cinderella in the Czech Republic and Slovakia would not have the real charm. The fairy tale is also popular in Norway, for example. When it was released here on DVD in 2005, it sold 21,000 copies.

5. Alone at home

Kevin is left alone at home and has to protect his home from a pair of robbers. One of the most successful Christmas movies in history almost didn’t get made because the filming got too expensive and the studio refused to finish it. Finally, everything was resolved and the rest is already successful history.

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