Traffic accidents have claimed 200 victims so far this year. The police remind that their memory can also be honored this year as part of the all-Slovak commemoration, which falls annually on the third Sunday of November. TASR was informed about this by the spokeswoman of the Presidium of the Police Force, Denisa Bárdyová.

The goal is not only to honor the memory of the victims of traffic accidents, but also to alert all road users to the tragic consequences of traffic accidents in a preventive manner.“, said Bárdyová. She explained that during the ten months of this year, 10,098 traffic accidents occurred in Slovakia, 200 people lost their lives. Of them, 165 were men and 35 were women.

When converted to the number of days, approximately 33 traffic accidents occur daily in Slovakia and on average, two people die on our roads in three days. “Behind every number from the statistics is a human life that cannot be returned, so when you go out on the road, always think about the fine line between life and death and drive in such a way that you return home alive and well,” the director concluded. Tomáš Vrábel of the traffic police.

The nationwide commemoration for the victims of traffic accidents will be held at 9:00 a.m. in evangelical churches in Liptovský Mikuláš, Poprad and Modra. At 10:00 a.m., people can remember the victims of accidents in the evangelical churches in Vrbovce and Lučenec. Bárdyová reminded that we should not forget the work of those who provide professional help in traffic accidents, i.e. doctors, paramedics, firefighters and police officers.

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