Authorities in Kyiv plan to erect Christmas trees without lights throughout the city to show the indomitable spirit of the residents. They indulge themselves despite the fact that the city is plagued by power outages following Russian attacks on the country’s energy infrastructure. TASR reports according to the website of the British newspaper The Guardian.

“No one will cancel the New Year or Christmas for us. The atmosphere of the New Year should be here,” said the mayor of Kyiv Vitalij Klitschko for the RBC-Ukraine news agency. “We will not allow Putin to steal our Christmas,” he added.

The trees will be without lighting and decorative chains and will not consume electricity, Sergej Kovalenko, head of the energy company JASNO, wrote on his Facebook page.

“There will be a Christmas and New Year tree and it will be as energy-responsible as possible, but still festive for all of us,” Kovalenko said.

Klitschko pointed out that there will be no mass gatherings or concerts when welcoming the New Year, although this is the tradition in Kyiv. City businesses will pay for Christmas trees throughout the city. There will also be one on Sophia Square in the center of the historic district of Old Kyiv.

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