The Association for the Protection of Patients’ Rights (AOPP) calls on the Ministry of Health (MOH) of the Slovak Republic to submit a crisis plan in cooperation with health insurance companies and higher territorial units in the event that an agreement with doctors is not reached. However, they continue to appeal for both the government and doctors to compromise.

“It is high time that both the government and doctors approach compromises and come to an agreementwhich will calm the current situation in the health sector and preserve the availability of all forms of health care from outpatient to inpatient,” the association pointed out, adding that the last few days remain to conclude the agreement.

AOPP requests that the Ministry, as well as individual health insurance companies and higher territorial units, establish crisis help lines for patients and published specific telephone numbers where patients can receive all the necessary information in case of unavailability of the necessary health care. It also requests the publication of a map of the availability of health care for the public. “Patients need to know who to turn to if their doctor at the hospital has also resigned, who will provide them with the necessary health care within the catchment area,” explained the association.

He also wants the Ministry of Health, together with the National Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care in the Slovak Republic at the Health Care Supervision Office, to prepare solutions that they will enable Slovak patients to use healthcare in neighboring countries without having to pay the difference between the prices performance in the Slovak Republic and in the given country.

Negotiations between the government and the Medical Trade Union on the situation in the health sector continue on Tuesday.

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