For fever in children, it is necessary to measure the temperature in the same place and with the same thermometer. If measured in the anus, it is half a degree higher than the temperature measured in the armpit or ear. It is necessary to reduce the temperature in children if it is higher than 38 degrees Celsius.

If the child is crying and in pain, we also reduce the lower body temperature. This was pointed out by the Ministry of Health (MOH) of the Slovak Republic. It zoomed in that medicines containing paracetamol are suitable for all age groups. They are given every four to six hours depending on the weight of the child. “Medications containing ibuprofen are suitable for children from three months of age or weighing more than seven kilograms,” the ministry warned. At the same time, they are unsuitable if the child drinks little, has a problem with the kidneys, or has vomited and had diarrhoea.

The temperature can also be reduced using a cold compress or washing the body with water at a temperature of 29 and 30 degrees. According to the ministry, it is possible to reduce fever in older children with lukewarm water. “Use these procedures if drug treatment does not help, or if the fever is higher than 39 degrees,” added the ministry. It warned that the child should not be washed with lukewarm water if his limbs are cold.

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