The Ministry of Health (MOH) of the Slovak Republic is waiting for the response of the Medical Trade Union (LOZ) to the draft memorandum.

“If there is an answer that we can implement, we will implement it,” said the head of the department Vladimír Lengvarský (OĽANO nominee). He assured that the government is willing to find solutionsalso that several of the demands of the medical trade unionists have already been met.

Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽANO) assured that he is ready to sign the memorandum and meet with the trade unions. He called the fact that he refuses meetings with LOZ a misunderstanding that he regrets. He also emphasized that healthcare is a priority for the government, as evidenced by concrete steps.

In this context, Lengvarský pointed out that it is not important to meet, but to act. “Since August 19, when the last meeting was with the prime minister, quite a lot of things have been resolved. (…) The construction of the memorandum does not copy all eight requirements, we consider some of them to be fulfilled,” he stated. He pointed out, for example, the increase in the salaries of health workers, or the proposal to cancel non-monetary payment, which is in the parliament.

The minister also responded to Tuesday’s proposal by the opposition Smer-SD to convene an extraordinary meeting of the National Assembly of the Slovak Republic on the situation in the health sector. “Most of the measures that are in the resolution for convening an extraordinary meeting also fit in terms of date with what is in the memorandum,” noted Lengvarský.

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