The American Fred Kerley became the world champion in the 100 m run at the athletics championship in Eugene with a time of 9.86 s. In a close fight, he beat two compatriots by two hundredths of a second, Marvin Bracy finished second and Trayvon Bromell was third. Pole Pawel Fajdek won the hammer throw title for the fifth time in a row. The Chinese Wang Jianan won the long jump with his last attempt of 836 cm.

Twenty-seven-year-old Kerley confirmed his position as the favorite and leader of the world charts. At the same time, he completed a remarkable transformation in his career. Three years ago, he competed as a 400m runner at the World Championships in Doha and won bronze. A year ago, at the Olympics in Tokyo, he ran in the shortest sprint and won silver.

After winning two medals at the indoor WC, Bracy won the first valuable metal at the outdoor event. Bromell added a second bronze to his collection after the WC in Beijing 2015. Defending champion Christian Coleman from the USA took sixth place. Reigning Olympic champion Marcell Jacobs of Italy failed to resolve his hamstring problems in Eugene and did not compete in the semifinals.

Fajdek won the world performance of the year with 81.98 m. A year from now, in Budapest, he will be able to equal the historic achievement of Ukrainian pole vaulter Sergej Bubka, who has six World Championship titles to his credit.

Another Pole, Wojciech Nowicki, finished second. The reigning Olympic champion and leader of the world charts threw 81.03. The third place was taken by Norwegian Eivind Henriksen, who won silver from Tokyo with a performance of 80.87. The podiums in Eugene have the same cast as in Tokyo, but with a different order, Fajdek was third at the Olympics.

Wang’s winning jump was 836 cm, moving him from fifth place to the highest place. Second was Miltiadis Tentoglu from Greece with 832, third was Simon Ehammer from Switzerland with a performance of 816.

The 25-year-old Chinese added a second medal from the World Cup to his collection, he was third at home in Beijing in 2015. The reigning Olympic champion and indoor world champion from Belgrade, Tentoglu, confirmed his quality. All five of his valid attempts were at least 820cm, and but for Wang’s final jump, any of them would have been enough for gold. Ehammer won the first ever medal in this discipline at the World Championships for Switzerland. His primary discipline is the decathlon.

Ethiopian endurance athlete Letesenbet Gidey triumphed in the 10,000 m run. In the sprint of the leading four, she overtook Hellen Obiri and another Kenyan Margaret Chelim Kipkemboi at the finish line. Defending champion and reigning Olympic champion Sifan Hassan of the Netherlands finished just short of the podium. The winning time was 30:09.94 min and is also the world performance of the year.

The world record holder avenged Hassan’s loss from Doha 2019, where she finished second, to claim her first gold at a major event. At the same time, she confirmed her position as the leader of the world charts. Thirty-two-year-old Obiriová added the fourth precious metal from the world championships to her collection, Chelimová won her second medal from the World Championships. However, both Kenyan women stepped onto the podium for the first time in the longest discipline on the track, previous successes came on shorter tracks.

Chase Eaeley became the world champion in the shot put. A successful first attempt of 20.49 m was enough for her to win the title. China’s Kung Li-jiao finished second with a performance of 20.39, and Dutch Jessica Schilderová was third with a national record of 19.77.

Reigning Olympic champion Kung Lijiao won a medal for the seventh championship in a row. He has two of the most valuable metals, two silver and three bronze medals in his collection. So far, Ealey and Schilder have only appeared on the podium at this year’s indoor World Championships in Belgrade, where the American was second and the Dutch third.

Final results:

100 m: 1. Fred Kerley 9.86s, 2. Marvin Bracy 9.88, 3. Trayvon Bromell (All USA) 9.88, 4. Oblique Seville (Jam.) 9.97, 5. Akani Simbine (JAR) 10, 01, 6. Christian Coleman (USA) 10.01, 7. Abdul Hakim Sani Brown (Japan) 10.06, 8. Aaron Brown (Can.) 10.07

distance: 1. Wang Jiannan (China) 836 cm, 2. Miltiadis Tentoglu (Greece) 832, 3. Simon Ehammer (Switzerland) 816, 4. Maykel Massó (Cuba) 815, 5. Steffin McCarter 804, 6. Marquis Dendy (both USA) 802, 7. Srishankar Murali (India) 796, 8. Eusebio Caceres (Spain) 793, 9. Wayne Pinnock (Jam.) 788, 10. Juki Hashioka (Japan) 786

hammer: 1. Pawel Fajdek 81.98 m – world performance of the year, 2. Wojciech Nowicki (both Poland) 81.03, 3. Eivind Henriksen (Nor.) 80.87, 4. Quentin Bigot (Fr.) 80.24, 5. Bence Halász (Germany) 80.15, 6. Rudy Winkler (USA) 78.99, 7. Mychajlo Kochan (Ukraine) 78.83, 8. Daniel Haugh (USA) 78.10, 9. Christos Frandzeskakis (Greece) 77.04, 10. Humberto Mansilla (Chile) 73.91


10.000 m: 1. Letesenbet Gideyová (Et.) 30:09.94 min – world performance of the year, 2. Hellen Obiriová 30:10.02, 3. Margaret Chelimová Kipkemboiová (both Kenya) 30:10.07, 4. Sifan Hassanová (Hol .) 30:10.56, 5. Rahel Danielová (Erit.) 30:12.15, 6. Ejgayehu Tayeová (Et.) 30:12.45, 7. Caroline Chepkoechová Kipkiruiová (Kaz.) 30:17.64 , 8. Bosena Mulatieová (Et.) 30:17.77, 9. Karissa Schweizerová (USA) 30:18.05, 10. Eilish McColganová (V. Brit.) 30:34.60

ball: 1. Chase Eaeley (USA) 20.49 m, 2. Kung Lijiao (China) 20.39, 3. Jessica Schilder (Netherlands) 19.77, 4. Sarah Mitton (Can.) 19.77, 5 .Auriol Dongmová (Portugal) 19.62, 6. Sung Jiayuan (China) 19.57, 7. Maddison-Lee Wesche (N.Zel.) 19.50, 8. Jessica Woodard 18.67, 9. Maggie Ewen (both USA) 18.64, 10. Danniel Thomas-Dodd (Jam.) 18.29

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