Are you organizing a big party, wedding or family gathering? In Italy you can rent an entire village! It is located 10 km from the sea and can accommodate up to 200 people at a time.

Petritoli is a typical Italian medieval hilltop village. It is also typical for it that the inhabitants have moved to the cities and the village is yawning with emptiness. But now it is filled by large groups of tourists who can rent it. There are 98 bedrooms that can sleep up to 200 people.

The condition is a minimum number of 50 people who spend three to seven nights in the village. In terms of price, it is very advantageous – for example, a group of 150 people will pay 12,000 euros for six nights, which works out to 80 euros per person for the entire stay. If interested, a professional catering team is available to take care of breakfast, lunch and banquet dinners.

In the village there is also a castle with gardens and swimming pools or a baroque theater. It’s all available. Halls or squares will be closed and tables will be laid out for visitors. It is 10 km to the sea. Petritoli is located in the Le Marche region, 180 km south of the famous resort of Rimini.


  • Minimum number of guests: 50
  • Maximum number of guests: 200
  • Price for 150 guests for 6 days: €12,000 (€80 per person for the entire stay)

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