Are you also one of those who long for a new car, but at the same time are worried about being able to pay for it? Bank clerk Zuzana from Trnava solved it so unexpectedly that she herself was surprised.

Zuzana (36) is a single woman who takes care of two minor children. Until recently, she was content with public transport, but as the children began to attend several clubs, she urgently needed to deal with her own car, even if driven. She bought a car on credit, but shortly after that she had to stay with her older son at the long-term OČR. She expected a cycle of problems because she would not have the means to repay the car. She was taken aback by herself, which finally saved her from trouble. When signing the contract, she also made a responsible decision for car loan repayment insurancewhich saved her from unnecessary trouble. During the period when she was with her son at the OČR, the insurance company paid the installments for her.

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The past year and a half has taught us that not only having a sufficient reserve and good insurance is extremely important. Financial problems can also be caused by unexpected life situations, which include, for example, health complications.

The ability to repay a car loan is intended for individuals and you can take it out with a loan for a new or used vehicle. “It is a traditional insurance product, but we have recently updated it, e.g. about situations related to COVID, which brought us to the satisfaction of clients. In addition to extending the indemnity to other common situations, the new insurance is also exceptional by streamlining claims settlement processes, which in practice means earlier payment or reimbursement for the month in which the insured event occurred, ”says David Liška, CEO of VOLKSWAGEN Financial Services. which is one of the largest providers of car financing in Slovakia.

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What are the benefits of insuring the ability to repay the loan from VOLKSWAGEN Financial Services *?

• The insurance also covers current diseases, which often bother clients and which were previously excluded from the insurance conditions. These are, for example, back problems or mental illnesses, diseases caused by COVID or pandemic ACR.
• Coverage for the case of the Czech Republic as well as for the partner, whereby a family member does not have to be only a child, but also, for example, a parent, grandparent or sibling.
• Reduction of the minimum duration of the insured event to 30 days in case of loss of employment, incapacity for work (PN) or treatment of a family member (OČR).
• Indemnity from the first day of the occurrence of the insured event in the form of a proportional indemnity paid retrospectively for the month in which the insured event occurred.
• Job loss insurance, which also covers work abroad.

The insurance is offered in 2 packages:

a) Basic PSS package with a price of 3.30% (of the total monthly loan repayment):
PN of the insured
Permanent invalidity of the insured as a result of an accident or illness
Death of the insured

b) Extended PSS package with a price of 4.90% (of the total monthly loan repayment):
PN of the insured
Job loss and consequent unemployment
Permanent invalidity of the insured as a result of an accident or illness
Death of the insured

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* Insurance – insurance products are mediated by VOLKSWAGEN Finančné služby Maklérska sro

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